Photos that prove Nigeria has the coolest policemen in the world

Policing is one of the toughest jobs around.

They work long hours, tiring and dealing with criminals on a daily basis with constant danger is no fun at all. But somehow, our olopa, or policemen show us different styles on daily basis.

Here are some of their swag, and we know you are itching to see.

1. Working very hard, as we can see

2. You go boy!

3. Drunk in love... or something like that.

 4. One can only but imagine what this young man did

5. You are highly protected, honestly.

6. Olopa swagger! 

7. Well, I guess this is a result of watching too much action film

8. We aren't sure what oga police is doing, but whatever it is, it gets the buses going

9. Well THIS is so awkward 

10. Not to worry folks, it's morning workout. Good for the heart and all that bollocks

11. If you understand this, you understand this 

12. They know how to block you well.

13. The police is your friend

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